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THE 1890's in Chaffee County Colorado

1890 1890 The tracks of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
(DRGW) through Salida to Leadville were widened to standard gauge.
Soon this route became the mainline through the Rocky Mountains with
connections to the west coast. The former narrow-gauge through route
over Marshall Pass was relegated to secondary status as a scenic route
used by tourists to circuit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the San
Juan mountain country and back to Denver via Alamosa, Veta Pass and

The Leadville National Fish Hatchery became the first of its kind in
the nation.
First fireworks were reported from top of Tenderfoot Mountain.

1891 1891 H Street School (later known as Longfellow) was built to house
high school students and some younger students.

Fairview Cemetery opened.
1893 1893 Repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, by which the Federal
Government had propped up the price of silver, was followed by the
Panic of 1893. Tabor's bank fails along with many others in Colorado
including Salida's bank at First and F Streets.
1896 1896 Laura Evans came to Salida and opened "female boarding" house on
Front Street (later named Sackett), which operated until it was closed
down by the city in 1950. Laura died in 1953 in her home at the age of

1897 1897 Officials laid the cornerstone for the present Methodist Church
at 4th and D Streets.
1899 1899 The Calumet Branch of the D&RG railroad quit running up the 7%
railroad gulch grade. Closure was due to a flood that severely damaged
the roadbed.
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