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1800 - 1850 in Chaffee County Colorado

1803 French sell Louisiana Territory to the United States

1806 -
Zebulon Pike begins exploration of new territory. Pikes official mission was to explore the headwaters of the Arkansas River (then thought to be the Red River) and he international boundary.

1806 December 6 - Pike and his men make their way through South Park into the Arkansas River Valley


Missouri Fur Company trappers arrive in Upper Arkansas Valley and are greeted by hostile Indians. The unfortunate trappers were killed or captured by Indians.


Beaver trade flourishes. Famous frontiersmen such as Thomas Fitzpatrick, Kit Carson, Jim Beckwourth, the Bent Brothers and Ceran St. Vrains arrived in the area.


Trappers explore the Arkansas watershed, camping up and down the river gaining thorough knowledge or its topography and its Indian trails. These early pioneers led the way for those to follow and settle in the Valley.

1833 Kit Carson camps in the Arkansas Valley (Chalk Creek or Cottonwood Creek) and Indians attempt to take his horses. He escapes with all of his pelts and his horses.

1836 Texas claims all lands east and north of the Rio Grande that were not in United States territory. Watershed on the south side of the Arkansas River allegedly now belonged to Texas. The strip took in the Sawatch Range.

1845 Texas becomes a state and the United Stated claims all of Texas' former land.

1853 Captain John Gunnison, on a mapping expedition of Colorado, included Poncha Pass in his investigations.

1858 Gold Discovered at Dry Creek in Colorado with discoveries soon made in the mountains west of Denver.

1859 G. A. Kelley discovers gold on the Arkanasas four miles south of Granite.
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