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Ranching and Agriculture of Chaffee County

Salida Record, July 22, 1904: People of the east generally find it hard to believe that Colorado is a leader in the production of a large variety of fruits and vegetables, and it is almost incredible what can be done in this state if a sufficient source of irrigation can be secured.

In Chaffee County the raising of fruit is comparatively neglected. A few ranchmen and residents generally are taking up this matter and in nearly all cases with excellent success. The culture of berries and small fruits for the supply of this city alone represents a large and lucrative field and one that is waiting for someone to take it up.

Of course market gardening is already carried on to some extent but the amount of produce that is shipped into Salida every day tells the story of how nearly the local market is supplied.

Salida Mail, May 3, 1929: F. J. Doveton is reaching for the lettuce crown. He has leased fifty acres of the Charles Matlock ranch in the Nathrop district and has planted it to lettuce. The crop is already up and is making a good stand. Mr. Dovetonis handling the crop on the shares plan. Each acre should yield a carload of lettuce if the crop is normal or enought to make more than half a trainload.

Mr. Doveton was out to see the crop Sunday and is well satisfied with the progress. The lettuce growers are confident of a good crop this year and a handsome price.

Salida Mail, August 9, 1929: The heavy rains have practically ruined the early remaining lettuce crop in Chaffee County. The fields were so wet the growers could not harvest their crops and it only takes a few days to ruin a crop.

On the other hand the rains are beneficial to the later crop which will be ready for market beginning August 15. The lettuce crop has been a success so far but it would have been a tremendous success if the rains had not been so numerous during the last ten days.

Salida Mail, August 9, 1929: Buena Vista will have a bigger and better Lettuce Day this year than ever before. The new airport will be dedicated at 2 o'clock next Sunday afternoon when the Curtis Flying Service and the Y. & R. Airways will furnish planes for the stunts. There will be no charge for this affair. On Monday the big parade, free barbecue, parachute jumps, airplane stunts, rodeo and dance will be the features.

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