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Regional Socio-Economic Profile

Region 13—Chaffee, Custer, Fremont & Lake Counties

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The central work of the State Demography Office is the research and production of population data and information and of the forces (fertility, mortality, migration) that lead to population change. Data and information about the population and the factors that lead to population change are critical for program and local area planning. This profile presents data on the economy and the population for the different Planning and Management Regions of Colorado.

The Economy
   - Estimated Total Jobs by Industrial Sector.
   - Personal Income by Source.
   - The Economic Base in terms of Industrial Clusters.
   - An Economic Forecast for the Base Industry Groups.

The Population Highlights
   - Population Estimates, 2000 – 2009.
   - The Relationships of Population, Households, and Housing.
   - Population Forecasts, 2010 – 2035.
   - Population by Age, 2009 and 2035.

Labor Market Highlights.
  - Labor force and participation rates by age Forecasting Worksheets
  - Worksheets which show the relationship of the job forecast to the population forecast
     relate jobs to the population.

economic highlights

personal income

base analysis

population highlights

population estimates

population highlights

labor market highlights

forecasting worksheet


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salida colorado directory salida colorado directory salida colorado directory
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