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The Bungled Jungle

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind conversation pieces or something just to tickle your fancy, look no further than the Bungled Jungle. Artists Pat and Suzanne combined their quirky, creative streaks to start Salida’s Bungled Jungle, a delightfully unusual shop of beastly sculptures.

There is no end to the types of varmints, er monsters—or whatever they are—that are “born” in this deliciously whimsical shop. Truly, these artists’ imaginations have run amuck…to the amusement of all who happen to stop by the gallery and give these creatures a once-over, or perhaps twice- or thrice-over, depending on the varmint.

So how do they do it? By interlayering a dozen or more materials, including plastics, rubber, clay—and foolishness—and then sculpting this conglomeration into unique pieces of art that, well, make you smile. And laugh.

According to the artists, buyers are typically “people with a twinkle in their eyes.” Seriously, though, these off-the-wall creations have found welcoming homes in dentists’ offices (wow, talk about a distraction!), and in the homes and offices of teachers, principals, computer geeks…really, anyone with a whimsical side.

So, let your inner child come out and get yourself a Bungled Jungle varmint. Visit the art gallery at: 132 W 1st Street, Salida, CO 81201. Or, if you prefer cyberspace contact, send an email to

Todd Tychewicz

Artist Todd Tychewicz creates one-of-a-kind distinctive pieces of jewelry and other art using skills initially developed during an apprenticeship as a tool maker.

He oftentimes uses different metals and textures to design his creations and works in collaboration with his customers to produce refined jewelry and art that is both elegant and comfortable.

His artwork is displayed at Cultureclash Gallery in Salida and at two other U.S. locations—Jett Gallery in Santa Fe, NM and Karats Gallery in Vail, CO. The artist can be reached at (719) 221-4444 or


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